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Enjoy our fun, affordable and hassle-free party service for busy Moms & Dads. Hedgehog Lane is a popular kids and adult party décor service based in Johannesburg.

We put a lot of hard work and effort into every party that we do and we ensure that all your expectations and needs are met from kids party décor, party accessories, birthday cakes and baked treats, to entertainers and adult party equipment hire.

We offer affordable solutions for your or your child's special day and guarantee a memorable experience for everyone! – discuss your needs and budget with us and let us put it all together for you? To contact us click here or to get a quote or book a date click here.

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Snow Leopard and Husky

Wow!  This was soo much fun to put together.  For the Snow Leopard and Husky theme below (the party girl LOVES these two animals), we used white chair covers and white tablecloths with Snow Leopard themed tiebacks on the chairs and runners on the table.  In the first picture you will see the full setup with all the decorations. On the table are Snow Leopard themed name letters, Snow leopard themed popcorn cones and chocolate dipped apples and cupcakes on a themed cupcake stand.   In the second picture, we have a close up of the table setup –  Snow Leopard and Husky printed plates, cups and serviettes, each personalised with the party girl’s name.  You can also see our chocolate dipped apples, also with a Snow Leopard and Husky themed (edible) picture.  These not only look stunning, but were absolutely delicious!  In the centre of the collage is a close up of the Snow Leopard themed name letters, and below, is a picture of the Snow Leopard and Husky 3 tier plastic icing cake.  In the centre, bottom, is a close up of a chair, with a Snow Leopard mask, and finally, in the right is the Snow Leopard and Husky themed sweet table enjoyed not only by the children, but the adults too! Venue: George and Lucy's - Chartwell



The mom chose the colours for the décor, blue and yellow tablecloths on the table, with our mushroom chairs – very smurfish! On the table we used Smurf themed plates and serviettes, themed party bubbles, Smurfette themed custard syringes and two containers of themed popcorn cones.  On the right is a close up of the 3 tier Smurfette house cake in plastic icing.  Below that is a close up of the blue party bags, decorated with a flower and next to that is the mushroom piñata, filled with goodies and toys.  At the bottom of the collage is a close up of the Smurfette decorated name letters on their cute little mushroom stands.


Laser Tag

For the Laser Tag themed party below, we kept the colours quite simple – black and red, bringing in the army themed chair covers, and it worked really well. The setup was striking – perfect for an active 7 year old boy!  On the table are Laser Tag themed plates, cups and serviettes – all personalised with the party boy’s name.  We also had themed name letters, a themed fizzpop tree, containers of Laser Tag themed popcorn cones, chocolate dipped apples (absolutely delicious!), and cupcakes, and last, but not least, a Laser Tag centrepiece.  At the bottom of the collage is a close up of the 3 tier Laser Tag themed cake, sweets on the Laser Tag themed Sweet Table, which was an huge success, and our SWAT / Laser Tag themed piñata.  In the centre of the collage is a picture showing the Laser Tag themed activity at the party. Venue: George and Lucy's - Chartwell


Princess Belle

For the Princess Belle themed party below we used yellow chair covers, with pink and yellow organza tiebacks, a yellow tablecloth and a pink overlay on the table.  On the table are themed plates, cups and serviettes, decorated name letters and two double balloon topiary trees in pink and yellow.  On the right is a close up of the scanned image cake with butter icing, below that, the decorated cake pops in a themed container and next to that, the popcorn cones, also in a themed container.  Below, is another picture of the setup and on the right, a close up of the decorated name letters. Venue: Yeesh - Woodmead



For the Barney themed party below the mom chose the bold colours of green and purple for the decor On the table are themed plates, cups, water and bubbles.  The name letters were painted, with decorated containers.  On the right is a close up of a cupcake stand filled with decorated jellies.  At the bottom left, of the collage, is a picture of the Barney entertainer, and a close up of the Barney photoboard and finally, on the bottom right, the cake stand which was decorated with balloons and themed foil balloons. On the table is a gorgeous Barney cake, Barney cupcakes on a cupcake stand and more Barney decorations and accessories. Venue: Kid-e-up - Kyalami


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

For the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) party below we used blue, green and orange chair covers, with a cute Ninja Turtle mask on each chair.  A lime green tablecloth and orange overlay on the table.  In the centre of the table are TMNT decorated name letters, on a themed base, and on the table are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed plates, cups, hats and serviettes, as well as themed bubbles and a themed juice.  A close up of the table setting is on the right of the picture below.  In the bottom of the collage is a close up of the fun Ninja Turtle themed "sewer lid" cupcake stand.  In the centre is a close up of the themed name letters with the decorated "pipe" base and on the right, a Ninja Turtle pinata. Venue: Larney Ladybirds - Fourways



Ariel, The Little Mermaid

It seems that Ariel, The Little Mermaid is back with a splash!  Another beautiful Ariel party using turquoise, cerise and lilac.  We used pom poms and floating “jelly fish” to decorate the party area and create that “under the sea feel”.  In the centre of the table is a treasure chest brimming with jewels.  Each child received a beautiful party box, decorated with a ribbon and an Ariel motif.  The boys also had a sword waiting on their chair and the girls were spoiled with a beautiful crown and a fan.  The cake and cupcakes were beautiful.


Madagascar Circus

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful party.  In the first picture you will see that the gazebos were draped circus style in bright red and white, with matching balloon towers on each side.  The table décor was also in red and white, with decorated name letters and other colourful décor on the table.  At the bottom of the picture is a ticket booth, which was used to hand out the gorgeous wigs. We show the beautiful carnival cake, and last but not least, the decorated cake table, displaying the cake and the cupcakes on a circus themed cupcake stand. Venue: Kid-e-up Kyalami


Minnie and Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday

What theme to do for one year old twins!  The mom chose a Mickey and Minnie birthday theme, in red, white and black.  We used red, white and black chair covers, with red polka dot tiebacks and a red polka dot overlay on the table.  There are themed Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed plates on the table, with spotted serviettes in the cups.  At the bottom of the collage is a picture of a Mickey Mouse piñata, which is almost too cute to be used as a piñata, and next to that, are our Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed party packs.  The cutest theme, which the children loved. 





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