Hi everyone, Happy Easter!

Easter craft

I have put together a fun easter craft to do with your kids.



  • Template
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun  / double sided tape
  • Paper straw
  • Easter eggs
  • Thin white card A4

    Easter craft cutting out template from card


Download the template and print it onto thin card stock, then cut out the box from the card as per the picture above.




Easter craft -  fold template along dotted lines.

then, fold the card and glue down the edges where necessary and hey presto! there is your box.

 Easter craft  - two completed boxes


Fill the little box with pape straw or cut up crepe paper pop in an easter egg or two and show it to everybody, including Gran.

 Easter craft  - four completed boxes with straw and eggs in


The template is available here to download.



All the best



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